Alex Moma (alex_moma) wrote,
Alex Moma

А вот те, кто реально нуждается в защите, ее хрен добьются.

Вот что мне написали сегодня друзья из американской Human Rights First:

Dear Alex,

They fled for their lives only to find more injustice.

He was just a teacher.

But the Burmese regime persecuted him for peaceful pro-democracy activities. They beat him and threw him in jail for 2 years.

He escaped and made it to the U.S.

But he still wasn't safe. After fleeing Burma, he reached the U.S. only to be locked away for seven months by immigration authorities.

Human Rights First is often the only hope for asylum seekers like this teacher from Burma.

А со всякими агрессивными кремлевскими гадами у них, видите ли, "перезагрузка отношений".

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