Alex Moma (alex_moma) wrote,
Alex Moma

Временный файл-архив Ecclesia Gnostica Russica открыт и активно пополняется.


В частности, опубликован Временный статут и инфа о "материнской" церкви, с которой со временем мы хотели объединиться организационно (что будет ОЧЕНЬ непросто). Файл-архив будет пополняться каждые несколько дней, пока мы не найдем более грамотного веб-админа и не подыщем себе хороший бесплатный ЗАПАДНЫЙ (это принципиально) хостинг.

Dear friends,
temporary file-archive of ECCLESIA GNOSTICA RUSSICA is open and developing: That page contains information about Ecclesia Gnostica and Temporary Statut of Ecclesia Gnostica Russica.

Our Church is Russian-speaking only, but we'd wanted that it has an international spreading among Russian communities all over the World (on many reasons of any character, and, particularly, as Russia de facto almost hasn't a real religious freedom, being a non-democratic state).

As organization we're completely independent (i.e. we're not a part of Ecclesia Gnostica or smth. else), but cathetically, liturgically and spiritually we are, in fact, one and the same church in the wide and more narrow sence. We've decided to have our own "Protestant", democratically elected priests and deacons. At the present time we acting only in St.-Petersburgh (previously) and in Moscow.

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