Alex Moma (alex_moma) wrote,
Alex Moma

Поскольку это отчасти касатся и меня лично...

Вот что пишет Freedom House в отчете о религиозных свободах в путинской России (и это еще чересчур мягко и неподробно написано) за 2005 год. Думаю, и без перевода всё более чем понятно.

Freedom of religion is respected unevenly in this predominantly Orthodox Christian country. A 1997 law on religion requires churches to prove that they have existed for at least 15 years before being permitted to register. As registration is necessary for a religious group to conduct many of its activities, new, independent congregations are consequently restricted in their functions. Regional authorities continue to harass nontraditional groups, with the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons among the frequent targets. In June 2004, Jehovah's Witnesses were banned from organized activity in Moscow. Foreign religious workers are often denied visas to return to Russia. In recent years, several Roman Catholic priests have been deported, barred from entry, or refused visa renewals.

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