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Получил письмо-приглашение от Марко Каппато. Увы, бабок нетЪ, да и поздно: письмо ШЛО 4 дня.

А регистрироваться надо было при этом ДО 12-го февраля (для гостиницы, где в кулуарном-то общении с делегатами весь кайф и есть), т.к. это вам не Хельсинки - дешевых мест в хостелах там всё равно нет, всё бронируют заранее.

Это по поводу Конгресса за свободу научных исследований (тема, которую всячески курирует наша Радикальная Партия).

Dear friend,

From the 5th to the 7th of March the Second Meeting of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research will be held at the European Parliament in Brussels (room PHS 3C050) at the presence of Nobel laureates and Ministers. "From the body to the body politic" is the motto of the congress.

Exceptional conditions are available for the members of Luca Coscioni Association, Nonviolent Radical Party and/or other constituent entities, together with registered participants. Registration fee for non-members is 100,00 €.

All participants are entitled to particularly advantageous arrangements as for the hotel. Moreover, members and registered participants will receive a refund of 200,00 € upon documented expenses for the transportation and/or accommodation in Brussels.

Attention: this offer may be valid only until the 12th of February according to the agreement with the accommodation agency. However everyone is required to undertake his/her own reservation.

We also recommend to purchase your flight as soon as possible, so to take advantage of lower prices. We recommend all participants to be in Brussels by Wednesday the 4th of March and to leave on Saturday the 7th in the evening.

Useful links:

-       Invitation letter

-       Draft program of the Congress

-       To reserve hotel or hostels

-       To reserve flight: Ryan Air - Alitalia - SN Brussels - Airone - Easy Jet

For further information and to confirm your presence call 00 39 06 689 79 378 or write an e-mail to

Looking forward to meeting you all in Brussels.

Marco Cappato - Carmen Sorrentino - Rocco Berardo

PS: the costs of the World Congress will be covered through fees and donations to Luca Coscioni Association for 2009. The budget for the event is over 100.000,00 €. Each fee or donation will help convening the second meeting of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research.


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