Alex Moma (alex_moma) wrote,
Alex Moma

It's 15 degrees of frost in Helsinki, with wind. Even for such winter-lover, like me, it's too cold for my ordinary quasy-touristic program.

Russian buses holders are thieves: they takes 30 euros for 1 travel from Petersburgh form tourists instead of ordinary 15 (and promises that after long New Year's holidays all prices will be no more than 20). And their bonuses offerings of this summer were, of course, clear lie. Like allways. This situation is quite typical for ordinary Govnorashka's "businessmen". Their racketeering and pirates' psychology allways was absolutely non-European, not contemporary and not civilized...

So, today I can have only nice talkings with hotel's young people, 'cause it's one of my favourite abroad occupations.

See you.

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