August 5th, 2018


Партито Радикале сообщает:

August 2, 2018: The Roman Catholic Church said that the death penalty is always inadmissible as it “attacks” human dignity, calling for its abolition worldwide.
The statement marks a change in Catholic Church teaching.
For a long time “the death penalty by the legitimate authority after a regular trial was considered an adequate response” to some serious crimes, the statement from the Pope said, as cited by Vatican Radio.
The pontiff argues that a person’s dignity “is not lost even after committing serious crimes.”
Today, more “effective detention systems” are being developed, which guarantee proper defense of citizens, and at the same time allow offenders to redeem themselves.
"The death penalty is inadmissible” because it attacks the “dignity of a person", he concludes.
Previously a Catechism of the Catholic Church had allowed the capital punishment in rare cases.

Ну, заебись, чо, не прошло и 3.000 лет с момента основания очередной "религии мира и добра", а там уже понимают, что что-то у них шло не так...