Alex Moma (alex_moma) wrote,
Alex Moma

Горжусь нашими партлидерами!

On Wednesday 17th July, Rita Bernardini, leader of the Radical Party, was taken to the barracks by the carabinieri to report after the seizure of 32 marijuana plants that she is commonly known to grow as act of civil disobedience to allow access to therapeutic cannabis for patients in need. The Public Prosecutor of Rome, contrary to what normally happens, did not consider it necessary to proceed with the arrest.

Rita Bernardini made a spontaneous statement in the seizure report in which she expressed her disappointment for the decision not to proceed with her arrest, as is the case for all citizens who are caught growing marjiuana plants. "In this way double standards are being used and the law is, therefore, not equal for everyone. True civil disobedience requires that there are no political exemptions made when someone decides to violate the law in force. Thousands of sick people are unable to access cannabinoid drugs because of the inefficiency of the state and this is simply intolerable, especially as the law stipulating their administration dates back to 2007.

Там всё ок, отпустили, всё такое.

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