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Previously for my foreign friends (but not only!). Join and sign this letter!

(In Russian: )

It will be one year on the 7th of October from the day Anna Politovskaja was killed on the doorstep of her home in Moscow.
Whoever it was who shot his gun at her four times was not disguised, and yet is still unpunished, and the same can be said of all those who ordered that the bravest journalist Russia could remember should be killed.
Nobody knew Anna her own country, just as president Putin stated, with a delicate sense of opportunity, only a few hours after her execution. Small wonder: Anna’s books on Chechnya and on the democratic involution of Russia have never been published over there. Freedom of the press is under threat in Russia, ever since the ruler at the Cremlin is an ex Kgb officer.
Yet, notwithstanding threats and deaths by poison, Anna had decided not to leave her own country, Russia.
Her courageous reportages on human rights violations both in Groznyj and in Moscow were widely known in the West.
And yet, no European Union representative has felt it his or her duty to be present at her funerals. No head of state, no world premier, although speaking of exporting liberty, either.
The world of politics, deeply involved in the attempt to pay Russian gas a few cents less, has paid no attention to her case: the world of culture, though, cannot forget Anna Politkovskaja.
We therefore ask that, throughout Europe, newspapers, theatres, phylarmonic orchestras and single artists organize memorial events on 7th October 2007, in Anna’s memory.
It will be a way of saying to whoever ordered her death: we do not forget.



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