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What is wrong with laws that target only the clients of sex workers?

What is wrong with laws that target only the clients of sex workers?

Many opponents of sex work acknowledge the harms that result from criminalizing sex workers and support a system that criminalizes buyers and third parties, like managers or brothel owners, but not sex workers themselves. This kind of criminalization, which is often referred to as the “Swedish model,” seeks to end demand for sex work while treating sex workers as victims rather than criminals.

Not only does this model perpetuate stigma against sex workers, leading to discrimination in employment, housing, and health care, but it also suffers from the same fundamental problem as total criminalization: it means that sex work must be conducted underground, pushing sex workers away from safety and services.

The Open Society Foundations support the total decriminalization of sex work.

Punish the Sex Worker or the Client? You’re Asking the Wrong Question.

Ten Reasons to Decriminalize Sex Work

Sex work is criminalized not only through prohibitions on selling sexual services, but also through laws that prohibit the solicitation of sex, living off the earnings of sex work, brothel-keeping, or the purchase of sexual services. By reducing the freedom of sex workers to negotiate condom use with clients, organize for fair treatment, and publicly advocate for their rights, criminalization and aggressive policing have been shown to increase sex workers' vulnerability to violence, extortion, and health risks.

This document provides ten reasons why decriminalizing sex work is the best policy for promoting health and human rights of sex workers, their families, and communities. Removing criminal prosecution of sex work goes hand-in-hand with recognizing sex work as work and protecting the rights of sex workers through workplace health and safety standards. Decriminalizing sex work means sex workers are more likely to live without stigma, social exclusion, and fear of violence.

То же самое, что и Сорос, предлагала летом Международная Амнистия:

После чего шведские фемомразюки оттуда вышли "в знак протеста".
В пизду себе свои "протест" засуньте, твари.

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