Alex Moma (alex_moma) wrote,
Alex Moma

Колю Храмова вновь задержала гебня, на сей раз по прилету.

On the way back home from Kiev stopped again on the passport control in Sheremetyevo airport, terminal D. My passport is taken away. I was told to wait, until someone "will speak to me". Am waiting in a room with two passengers apparently from Central Asia. Antonio Stango, you were right :)

An agent in civil cloth arrived asking me where have I arrived from, what was the purpouse of my stay in Kiev, when and where did I lrave Russia. I wad told that I still have to wait 10 or 15 minutes. Now alone again.

ГЗВ 21:16 мск

20 minutes ago admitted to cross finally the state border. Still without any explainations. I asked, if from now I must always reserve another one and a half hour for special controls on the border. "I'm affraid, yes", was the answer.

История с отлетом в "ту" сторону:

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